Wednesday, May 19, 2021

$ 10,000 to be awarded in this Binance Futures video competition


Key facts:

The reach of your video on social media and a jury will determine the winners.

The best videos that feature your favorite Futures feature on Binance will be the winners.

The cryptocurrency exchange with the highest volume in the market, Binance, will distribute 10 thousand BUSD in prizes for the best videos on the Perpetual Futures functions of its platform.

This Binance Futures video competition offers the chance to win prizes worth thousands of dollars to the best content creators using Binance.

The activity, as reported by the company in a statement, began this Monday, May 17, 2021 and will conclude on May 31 at 11:59 a.m. (UTC 0).

The rewards will be distributed 14 business days after the competition ends and will be awarded in Binance USD (BUSD), a stable token that seeks to be equal to the value of the dollar.

The top three places will get the majority of the prizes, although there are still prize opportunities for more than ten outstanding entrants.

First place will be USD 3,000 in BUSD. Second place will get USD 2,000 in BUSD. Third place USD 1,000 in BUSD. From fourth to tenth place, a USD 3,000 pool will be shared equally in BUSD. Other selected participants will share a pool of USD 1,000 in BUSD.

Also, the top 10 selected competitors will have priority to join the Binance Futures content creator program. This program will be launched soon, and offers benefits to its selected members.

In addition to becoming a Binance Futures Guest Content Creator, they will receive rewards from created content, have exposure on the official Binance site, and earn high commissions as a Futures Affiliate.

Even if you are not one of the winners, since the contest is related to its referral system, it is possible that one of your acquaintances joins Binance and generates rewards for you.

Steps to participate in the Binance contest

First of all, you must create a Binance account. Once your account is created, the first step is to create a new and original video, where you tell your favorite feature or feature of Binance Futures.

That is why it is necessary that you know this function. If you still do not know it thoroughly, in CriptoNoticias we have a guide to use this function.

The selected videos should address the following questions: What is your favorite Binance Futures feature or feature? How to trade on Binance Futures? How does that function / feature help you get better returns?

As an optional point, you can address any other aspect that helps to better understand the function or characteristic.

The second step is to share your video on social networks using the hashtag #BinanceFutures. Remember to include your personal referral link and a link to Binance Futures in the video description or social media post.

Finally, the last step to participate in this contest is to complete the form to enter.

What Binance Futures features can my video be about?

You can make video of any Binance Futures feature or function, such as Multi Asset Mode, TradingView Integration, Grid Trading, Fast Hot Coin Listing, Diversity of Trading Pairs, Order Types, Hedging Mode, Cross Collateral , Margin mode, price protection, leaderboards, battles, information on the Futures page and the share button on the home page, among others.

What social networks participate? 

These are some of the usual social networks to participate in this contest: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK. The call says that you can also use other social networks.

What criteria will be taken to evaluate the content? 

50% will be determined by the number of "likes" and views the video has received. The other half will be determined by a Binance panel of judges based on the quality and creativity of the content.

Futures risks 

 Binance also remembers that perpetual futures carry high risk, making it an opportunity for both big profits and big losses.

In the Futures modality, the assets are only bought or sold for a certain time and are not kept, unlike the Spot account.

The full Margin balance can be liquidated in the event of an extreme unfavorable price movement. For this reason it is important to know all the characteristics of Futures before making any investment.