Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ukrainian Delegation Visits Estonia to Learn About E Government

A Ukrainian delegation has visited Republic of Estonia to induce Associate in Nursing skilled analysis of their e-government conception, in keeping with a press release one the web site of the Administration of the President of country revealed on June twelve.

Led by adviser to Ukrainian president Mikhail Fyodorov, the delegation met with Estonian authorities on June 10–11. The parties met to debate future collaboration within the development of recent technologies, additionally on get consultations regarding Ukraine's govtech conception “Government in a very Smartphone.”

Fyodorov explicit  that Republic of Estonia was the primary government within the world that conducted digital elections and reached a ninety nine rate of services delivered on-line. The official claimed that the goal of country is to implement the foremost to-date and innovative technologies and approaches for his or her govtech conception.

According to the announcement, the delegation has administered over ten conferences with major Estonian authorities, together with representatives of the eu Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, info Systems Agency, Estonia's E-Governance Academy, and others.

The Estonian government has been actively applying blockchain technology in multiple services and administrations, claiming that they were the primary country within the world that adopted blockchain technical school in its production systems for making certain the integrity of digital records and systems.

In 2016, Estonian authorities proclaimed Associate in Nursing initiative to deploy blockchain technology in attention records in partnership with us system service supplier Guardtime. Republic of Estonia has additionally applied the technology to is e-residency programs and among public notaries.

Recently Cointelegraph reportable that Republic of Estonia, at the side of the uk and Kingdom of Norway, can before long gift the results of a blockchain pilot for digitizing government records of national archives.