Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The 10 most profitable ASIC miners for August 2019

ASIC equipment for mining cryptocurrencies, unlike video cards (GPUs) and other devices used for this, are developed to work with a specific algorithm. This, although it makes them less versatile, allows ASIC miners to be more profitable than other types of hardware when working with certain cryptocurrencies.

The high power of the ASIC, compared to other equipment, has made its use frowned upon by much of the bitcoiner community; since, according to them, this favors the centralization of power over a cryptocurrency and its network. For this reason, many teams of developers from different cryptocurrencies have proposed to make constant updates to their algorithms, in order to prevent the use of ASIC miners in their network.

A recent example of anti-ASIC bifurcations is that of Grin, a project that carried out this procedure to prevent its network from being affected by specialized mining devices in the Cuckaroo29 algorithm (the algorithm used in Grin to mine with GPU). Despite these measures, Grin's team is not at all against mining with ASIC, since they have a second algorithm (Cuckatoo31) intended exclusively for mining with this type of hardware.

Regardless of the anti-ASIC perspective on the part of the mining community, the use of these devices is still valid. Cryptocurrency mining such as bitcoin, litecoin and dash is only profitable if done with ASIC equipment, due to its high hash rate and difficulty level.

The most profitable ASIC miners

Innosilicon - G32-1800

The first place is taken by the Innosilicon G32-1800 model. This device is capable of undermining the Cuckatoo31 + and Cuckatoo32 + algorithms, which correspond to the grin cryptocurrency (GRIN), with a maximum hash rate of 328 GPS. Its electricity consumption is 1,800 watts and its cost in stores, to preorder them, is between USD 11,850 and USD 16,321. In this regard, it is important to note that the device in question has not yet been delivered to its buyers. It will be from October 2019 when the grins miners will be able to test them and measure their profitability first hand.

ASIC miner model G32-1800 from Innosilicon. Source: AsicMinerValue

Despite not having been distributed so far, the ASIC Miner Value website estimates that the profitability of mining with the G32-1800 is about USD 185 per day. This figure is based on variables such as the hash rate of the equipment, its electricity consumption, the current price of grin in the market and the difficulty of mining that shows its network, in addition to an average cost of electricity service of about 13 cents per dollar KWh

Innosilicon – G32-500

This ASIC miner model is similar to the G32-1800, since it is also focused on undermining the Cuckatoo31 + and Cuckatoo32 + algorithms of the grin cryptocurrency. However, its benefits and its price are lower.

The mining power of the G32-500 is 100 GPS and its electrical consumption is 520 watts. In stores, the cost of the equipment ranges between USD 3,600 and USD 8,300. As for its profitability, this hardware can currently generate daily earnings of about USD 56.7. Although, like the G32-1800, its buyers will have to wait until October of the current year to be able to undermine grins with it. At that time, given the volatility of the crypto market and potential changes in the grin's network hash rate, the profitability of mining with this device can vary quite a bit.

StrongU – STU-U6

The STU-U6 ranks third among the most profitable ASIC miners this month and is designed to work with the X11 algorithm, which uses cryptocurrencies such as dash (DASH), cannabiscoin (CANN) and onyx (ONX). Its mining power is 660 Gh / s, with an electrical consumption of 1300W. This equipment has not reached the hands of its buyers, who will have to wait until November of this year to receive them and put them to work. The cost of the STU-U6 is between USD 1,400 and USD 2,200.

The profitability of this ASIC, manufactured by the Asian company StrongU, is about US $ 13.8 per day; which would allow recovering the investment made by the purchase of the miner three to five months after activating it. This provided that its profitability (taking into account the state of the network) remains at the current levels during that period of time.

Innosilicon – G32-Mini

This version is the most economical of the Innosilicon G32 family of miners, with a cost ranging from USD 1,000 to USD 1,300 to preorder. Like its older brothers, the G32-Mini will be sent to its buyers in October 2019 and is designed to work with the grin Cuckatoo31 + and Cuckatoo32 + algorithms.

Although the physical structure of the equipment has not been disclosed to the public, it is described as a PCIe card. Therefore it is expected to be similar to a GPU (graphics card). Its hash rate in grin is 21.5 GPS and consumes 140W of electrical energy. Currently, your daily return is about 12 dollars.

Obelisk – SC1 Immersion

This miner model manufactured by Obelisk can mine cryptocurrencies such as siacoin (SC), spacecash (SPACE) and siaclassic (SCC), since it operates with the Blake2B and Blake2B-Sia algorithms at a power of about 2.2 Th / s. Its electricity consumption is 1,600W and its cost is between USD 5,900 and USD 6,700. Unlike the devices that have been presented previously, this one is operative in the hands of its buyers, after its distribution as of March 2019.

ASIC miner model SC1 Immersion from Obelisk. Source: AsicMinerValue

The daily profitability of mining with this ASIC equipment is USD 9.1, for those who mine siacoin (Blake2B-Sia). This ranks fifth in the list of the most profitable ASIC miners in August. However, for those who want to undermine cryptocurrencies with the Blake2B algorithm, they may end up getting negative results, with losses close to three dollars a day.

FusionSilicon – X1 Miner

This miner was released in January 2019 and is designed to work with the Lyra2REv2 algorithm; so that cryptocurrencies such as vertcoin (VTC), monacoin (MONA) and galactrum (ORE) can be mined.

The value of the X1 Miner in the market ranges between USD 2,200 and USD 4,000. This equipment offers a mining power of 12.9 Gh / s while its electricity consumption is 1,110 watts. Its profitability is USD 8.3 daily.

MicroBT – Whatsminer M20S

The Whatsminer M20S, despite being in seventh place among the most profitable ASIC miners this month, is the first on the list dedicated to cryptocurrency mining whose algorithm is SHA-256. Bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), peercoin (PPC) and namecoin (NMC) are some of the cryptocurrencies that can be mined with this device.

It is one of the most powerful ASIC equipment for mining bitcoins, since its hash rate is 70 Th / s. On the other hand, its electricity consumption is 3,360W. This allows the daily profit margin to be about USD 7.6.

Given that the value of the Whatsminer M20S ranges from USD 2,150 to USD 2,800, the ROI (time to recover the investment made when purchasing the equipment) offered by this device is between nine and twelve months, provided that the market of cryptocurrencies and the network hash rate remain in similar ranges to the current ones.

Dayun – Zig Z1 Pro

Like the FusionSilicon X1 Miner, the Zig Z1 Pro is focused on cryptocurrency mining with the Lyra2REv2 algorithm. Although its hash rate is slightly higher than that of its competitor (13 Gh / s), so is its electricity consumption, which reaches 1,500W. This directly affects your profitability, which is around $ 7.38 per day.

The cost of this ASIC miner varies between USD 1,900 and USD 2,300, so its ROI is about 257 days or eight and a half months.

ASICminer – 8 Nano Pro

This team is the second in the list dedicated to the mining of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm. In theory, it is the most powerful of all bitcoin mining ASICs today, since it has a hash rate of 76 Th / s; although, its electrical consumption amounts to 4,000W.

The profitability of mining with the 8 Nano Pro is $ 7.31 per day. This means that, in order to recover the investment made by acquiring it, one would have to mine for about four and a half years, under the current conditions of mining and market prices. The cost of this equipment is USD 11,600, directly with the manufacturer.

Bitmain – Antminer S17 Pro (53Th)

This is the last in the list of the ten most profitable ASIC miners during the month of August 2019. The Antminers are one of the most recognized miners in the industry, given Bitmain's trajectory in the manufacture of this type of hardware. The S17 Pro, as well as the previously reviewed Whatsminer M20S and 8 Nano Pro, is designed to undermine cryptocurrencies with the SHA-256 algorithm.

Bitmain ASIC miner ASIC model Antminer S17 Pro. Source: AsicMinerValue

The mining power of this equipment is, as its name shows, 53 Th / s, while consuming 2,094 watts of electrical energy. Its price ranges between USD 2,300 and USD 4,400 and its profitability is about $ 7.16 per day

The profitability of mining, whether with ASIC equipment or with any other type of hardware, will always experience highs and lows, because it relies on variables such as the volatile cryptoactive market and the hash rate of each network; which, in turn, affects the difficulty of mining. For this reason, anyone interested in entering the world of cryptocurrency mining should carefully assess the risks of investing in this niche.