Monday, December 16, 2019

Detailed guide on how to receive a USD 100 bonus at Bexplus

Key facts:
The main feature of Bexplus is a 100x leverage to improve profitability.
The USD 100 bonus will be awarded only to the first 500 participants.

Bexplus is a 100x leverage exchange platform based in Hong Kong established in 2017. The exchange offers investors perpetual future contracts in several crypto assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and EOS.

Among the characteristics of Bexplus are the non-charging of financing commission (amount of margin that the system has to pay the next financing), no spread (difference between the purchase and sale price), the integrated trading simulator and the useful support 24/7

The main feature of Bexplus is a 100x leverage, a powerful instrument to improve the profitability of investors. Due to 100x leverage, only USD 100 is required to open a USD 10,000 position. Investors can make a profit even with the slightest price movements.

Limited to 500 participants: make a Bitcoin deposit and get a USD 100 bonus at Bexplus

Bexplus now offers a beginner's reward package: a definitive way to increase investor profitability. The package includes a USD 10 registration bonus (no deposit required), a USD 100 deposit bonus, a 10% discount on all commissions and 10 free Bitcoins for trading in the integrated trading simulator.

Next, we will cover how to claim your USD 100 Deposit Bonus.  

1.Create an account

Open an account through this link to get a 10% discount on commission

2.Make a deposit in your account

Once you have registered the account, you must fund it. Click on your profile name in the upper right corner and then choose «deposit» in the open sidebar.

There is a unique Bitcoin address that is assigned to your personal account. By sending Bitcoins to this address you will see that they appear in your balance. Bexplus does not charge any commission for deposits, but it may take some time to obtain confirmation from the Bitcoin network of nodes.

To be eligible to receive a USD 100 deposit bonus you must make a deposit of at least 0.008 BTC. In case you deposit more than 0.01 BTC you can get a 100% bonus to increase your investment power. The deposit cannot be withdrawn, but all winnings earned with the bonus can be withdrawn.

3.Claim your bonus

After your account has been funded, you will be ready to start trading and are eligible to claim your USD 100 or 100% deposit bonus.

To get the bonus, just contact support through the integrated online chat (click on the blue button in the lower right corner) or send an email with a bonus claim to the Bexplus support email (verify address then on the main page).