Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bitcoin donations help the Italian Red Cross in the fight against the coronavirus

Key facts:
The financing campaign, focused on the emergency in Italy, managed to raise 29,350 euros.
Donations in bitcoin were used to buy supplies necessary for care.

Donations from bitcoin (BTC) are saving lives in Italy and helping to protect the first to respond in the battle line against the coronavirus, according to Helperbit, a blockchain-based disaster management platform.

On April 5, the Italian Red Cross erected an Advanced Medical Post (PMA) for pre-triage in Castel Gandolfo, a town near Rome. Established in conjunction with the Colli Albani Committee, WFP was purchased using bitcoin donations that were part of a funding campaign that focused on the coronavirus emergency in Italy. The campaign managed to raise 29,350 euros, the equivalent of USD 31,828 in bitcoin.

LDCs are mobile medical centers used in times of crisis to assess patients who may be in need of immediate medical assistance. In Italy, LDCs are helping medical professionals fight coronavirus by acting as a point of contact for those who are potentially infected with coronavirus, who are tested and receive recommendations.

Italy is among the most affected nations during the pandemic. More than 15,800 people have already died from the disease, which represents around a quarter of the world total. However, the daily increase in deaths has already begun to stop, raising hopes that perhaps the worst is over.

Donation efforts began on March 13, and the guidelines were established by the Colli Albani Committee. In the short period of three days they managed to raise 10,000 euros, the equivalent of USD 10,825 in bitcoin. The funds in BTC were also used to buy the materials necessary to build the WFP, which is now fully operational.

“We are happy to have converted the donations received into tangible resources. We are excited to have received so much help from the Bitcoin community, ”said Committee Chair Colli Albani, Bruno Pietrosanti, in a blog post on Helperbit.

The donation campaign closed this April 7, after having raised more donations than its initial target of 3.6873 BTC.