Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hacker accesses Atlas Quantum site and places fake company closure announcement

Key facts:
Clients are still waiting for payments pending for almost a year.
The Brazilian arbitration company closed its original website.

The cryptocurrency exchange platform Atlas Quantum received a cyber attack where the hacker posted a false announcement of the cessation of operations and immediate closure of the company.

In the false statement, it was read that the company appreciated the support of its investors, explaining that more companies in the commercial group would also close very soon. Among the companies mentioned were Atlas Quantum, Phoenix Quantum, Anubis, 4CADIA and FastCash, established in Brazil.

The statement made no mention of the payments that Atlas Quantum has outstanding with its clients since last year. Instead he invites them to contact him through various channels to receive support. The contact links directed to the Linkedin profiles of company employees.

On Wednesday, June 17, Atlas Quantum announced the cyber attack on its social networks, cataloging it as a Denial of Service (DNS) attack. Today they announced the launch of a new website with a more institutional cut, which seems not to convince users who continue to claim their payments in the comments of the publication.

"The false statement does not represent our position and goes against all the efforts that Atlas Quantum has been making to offer solutions to our old and new clients", it is read on its Facebook page

Last year legal problems arose when, during the month of August, the Brazilian Securities and Markets Commission (CVM) prohibited them from continuing operations and demanded payment and settlement from their users. This led to an increase in withdrawal requests, causing the company's insolvency with many of the clients.

Subsequently, as reported by CriptoNoticias, the company promised to pay its clients on October 21, 2019, but such promise did not materialize. This situation even led some users to try to invade the residence of Rodrigo Marques, CEO of the company, on January 23, which was even reported to the authorities and remained in the police record.

More recently, last May, the Sao Paulo State Court of Justice asked the company to make all of its payments in less than 48 hours. Despite the fact that the court order contemplated lengthening the deadlines, clients still press for a response.